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MARTIN S.A., a family enterprise founded by Charles Martin and his wife, operates in the electricity and electronics field.

Over the years, their children Joseph and Françoise have also worked in the company. Since its creation it has marketed – among other things – electronic devices for dog training.

As great fans of dog breeding, Charles Martin and his son decided to develop their own remote-controlled dog training technology. The MARTINSYSTEM brand saw the light of day. It was an ambitious project that needed to combine the elements of reliability, robustness and functionality the team wanted.

Many years of research and severe testing led to a product that gradually revolutionised the world of hunting and dog training.

E-fence, anti-bark and tracking collars soon joined the training collar.

Surrounded by a selected team whose skills are widely recognised, the firm has developed products that are state-of-the-art on a global level.

Several international patents confirm the great work done by the MARTINSYSTEM team: S.S.C., Finger Kick, Frequency Hopping.

The most important concern being respect for the animal, MARTINSYSTEM uses materials whose technical properties observe the strict guidelines of the ECMA. In quite a few cases, they go beyond them.

MARTINSYSTEM also offers its expertise in the integration of its RF technology in the design and manufacture of any high-performance radio product.

MARTINSYSTEM... at the sharp end of technology since 1978.