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The Chameleon® II

With Feather contacts and an Induction Charging System

The Chameleon® is a double contact electronic collar receiver
By double contact, we mean that the Chameleon® functions as a collar system with two receivers that can be spaced on either side to create balance from stimulation as some dogs will move away from the stimulation if it is only on one side.

Contact points can be moved
Because the contacts can be moved, you can find the most comfortable and most desired spot on your dog’s neck for good communication. Because the Chameleon® does not have significantly heavier side, the collar (once affixed) does not slip, in part due to the hair of the dog being able to push through the collar between the islands. Changing the position of the contact points assists in avoiding desensitization. The ability to move the position of the contact points makes it possible for dogs to wear the collar all day without developing necrosis, a skin issue that can arise from persistent rubbing (although has nothing to do with electricity).

Feather Contacts for the Chameleon®
The new Feather contacts are a way to make a universal product that will work well with all dogs. The Feathers are made from insulated stainless steel and have a tensile strength that makes is flexible enough to fix comfortable on the dog’s neck and rigid enough that it keeps its shape. This tensile force is almost like a spring constant, a property of the tensile strength of a spring. The Feathers are insulated until the tips so there is no chance for dissipation of the stimulation. You will have contact. The feathers have been tested on all sorts of dogs—small to big and bald to hairy. These contacts adjust to the hair and the curve of the dog’s neck. There is nothing else like them.

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